This Valentine's day, gift an experience to your loved one. Rekindle the romance in a new style. Explore the unexplored destinations on BLive electric bike tour. Choose quality time over busy bustling restaurant waiting-lines. Choose nature, heritage, local experiences over expensive crowded places. 

Choose BLive and choose a new way to romance. Choose to throttle away from the crowd to hear the love stories from the past. This will hurt but when was the last time your 9-5 job gave you time to do things together? Don't worry, our local captains will help you go local, to indulge in local experiences hand-in-hand with your lover. We will become your secret-candid-photographers as you create memories on the propose-perfect-spots. That's not it, let the music set the feel and don't shy off, ask your date for a dance on those beats. With a touch of romantic ambience, end your e-bike ride relishing some local cuisine. Take back home, memories, red roses and memories. 

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