Experience the iconic Statue of Unity in an iconic way. Ride to the breath-taking grand monument, soak in ancient ruins and breathe in a bit of Gujarat. From witnessing world's tallest statue to exploring valley of flowers; scenic and iconic, this ride encompasses it all. Have all the fun, without leaving a carbon footprint behind.

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Explore the Jungles of Gir - Tour

Explore the Jungles of Gir

  • Gir Somnath, Gujarat
  • 90 Minutes
Starting from ₹ 1,500

Discover Gir - home to the Asiatic Lion and huge orchards of juicy mangoes! Explore the lush jungles as you effortlessly ride on e-bikes to the mystical, ancient temples covered in intricate sculptures and designs. Uncover interesting anecdotes about hidden rocky caves and unwind yourself at a river point while you enjoy the scenic sunset and listen to the calming tunes of nature. Enjoy a complete exotic wildlife experience away from the hustle-bustle of the city.   

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