BLive Exclusive offers a whole range of premium tours exploring unheard and unseen locations!

These tours are curated very carefully and offer more immersive experiences.

Through BLive exclusive, we want to offer high-quality and wholesome experiences to our guests combined with riding an electric bike.

We believe that it's the smallest things that make the difference between a good day out and a perfect one. We have added hyper-local activities to ensure the tours are memorable.


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Ilha Verde - A Tucked away Paradise - Tour

Ilha Verde - A Tucked away Paradise

  • Old Goa Residency
  • 3 Hours
Starting from ₹ 4,000

Let’s get you on an e-bike on the buzzing and charming roads of Old Goa. Before we begin this experience, keep your ears wide open for a little bit of history about this once flourishing capital of Portuguese-Goa and the tragedy that befell upon it. Off we bike to the pristine and relatively untouched island– Ilha Verde. We make a pit-stop for the season’s flavor; chilled neero (cashew juice) at a little tavern before getting into a ferry for what we call “the world’s shortest ferry ride”. Ride the breezy, countryside roads, where on a lucky day, you may spot big birds fishing about. As if to break that reverie, we pedal up a hillock to watch the sunset as Christ The King looks over you. Catch the honk of the poder, cry of the peacock, ferry boats gliding lazily as it dawns upon you of the bliss all around! Now let's pedal downhill to a hanavoll (eatery) for some chai (tea) before we head we head to the final point; let's keep this a surprise! You’d be crabbing/fishing the traditional way by a mannos (sluice gates), rowing about and stretching your legs next to the River Mandovi, watch birds fly by, and village folks head home after a day of work. As you settle down for a supper after the serene boat ride, we snack on the very local delicacies before riding back. 

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