Things to do in South Goa other than beaches

The more things to try, the better are the opportunities to explore any spot or a place.  South Goa is one of the attractive places that have every one of the components that can hold an individuals' attention.

The spot is far more than the presence of seashores and nature's magnificence and has a ton of entrancing things to see and explore. You can get to know the genuine magnificence and experience of this spot by taking full advantage of what should be done in South Goa. These things will assist you with drawing nearer to the place and getting a long-lasting memory to love. Here are the places to visit South Goa other than just exploring the beaches:

Experience the Waterfall at the Temple:

The exceptionally famous and lovely Bhagwan Mahaveer temple draws in the attraction of the traveller with the mesmerizing waterfall that surrounds it. We can reach the temple only when we complete a trek that takes around 2 hours.  The visit to the temple has an open campfire and different choices for accommodations.

This place is worth the visit and it will be a wonderful memory that the travellers and guests will be cherishing afterwards.

Three Kings Chapel:

The 3 Kings Chapel is a solitary church situated on a slope called Cuelim, in Cansaulim, in the vast expanses of South Goa. Many say that the site is spooky, the spirits of the ruler meander over the church. Interested? Visit this spot and know more.

Visit the Big Foot Museum:

To know south Goa with the best of its details and information, then, arranging a visit to the Big Foot Museum can be interesting to do in south Goa. The museum will feature the lovely and rousing past of Goa's way of life in the most ideal way.

The principal point of this museum is to pass some relevant information about the genuine approach to the way of living in Goa to individuals visiting this spot. Everything here praises the excellence of south Goa and this is an absolute necessity to visit the spot.

BLive E-Bike Tour of Heritage Places:

South Goa is one such spot that is the ideal mix of all the astounding stuff. Right from the presence of different holy places, seashores, sanctuaries, and so on. This spot is very well known for the presence of numerous heritage places.

Hence, visiting these heritage spots to be aware of the set of history, culture, religion, values, and so on. makes probably the best thing to do in South Goa. A large portion of the guests particularly remembers this action for their excursion to know the spot in much better ways.

Trek in the Jungle:

Out of the numerous choices accessible for exploring the excellence of South Goa, probably the most ideal way is to try jungle travelling. There are numerous famous wildlife sanctuaries accessible in South Goa that give adequate ways of exploring the magnificence of the spot. 

Cotiago wildlife sanctuary is one of the most well-known ones in South Goa that numerous traveller visits all through the year for attempting their hand in jungle travelling. The wildlife sanctuary has different wild creatures and very rare species of birds that grab the eye of individuals. Explore Goa and its beauty.

Regardless of how long you have and regardless of things you had arranged, don’t forget to include these things for your trip to South Goa.


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