7 Incredible Experiences You Must Try On Your Ooty Vacation

Incredible Experiences Things To Do In Ooty Vacation 2022

When it comes to summer retreats, the hill station of Ooty is the best place to beat the heat in the lap of nature. The mountain town is well known for its lush nature trails, perfect weather, and endless fun things to do.

And from enjoying scenic views to immersing yourself in local culture, the best way to discover Ooty is on BLive’s effortless guided e-bike tour of the Blue Mountains. With all that it has to offer, we’ve curated a list of the incredible experiences that you must try in Ooty:

1. Discover Ooty’s colonial charm at the YWCA Guest House

This colonial-era resort in Ooty is one of the coziest guest houses in the city. You’ll never guess that this homely house was once one of the town’s best breweries! This is a place you must see for its European aura that is present in the building even today. Trying the delicious spread of continental and South-Indian breakfast is the perfect way to prepare for upcoming mountain treks and leisurely strolls alike.

Discover Ooty’s colonial charm at the YWCA Guest House

2. Take a guided e-bike tour of a 150-year-old church

Would you have guessed that Ooty has not only appeared in a Hollywood film but also that this appearance was shot in this historic church? It’s true! The St. Thomas Church in Ooty is over 150 years old, and was featured in the film A Passage To India. You’ll see why when you visit the church grounds and graveyard. Its rich heritage is sure to fill you with a sense of wonder. You’ll enjoy the spiritual energy of the church even more with its amazing view of the Ooty lake down the hill. This is a place that is on every must-see list.

St. Thomas Church in Ooty

3. Visit a traditional Ooty eucalyptus oil distillery

While Ooty is the perfect destination to unwind, did you also know that it is responsible for several of the remedies that let you unwind every day? Ever since eucalyptus plants were brought here from Australia, its oil is distilled here from the several towering eucalyptus trees that you will see lining the roads. One of the interesting things to do in Ooty is to visit a eucalyptus oil distillery to see the traditional way to extract the oil and how it is made into cough drops or home remedies.

Eucalyptus Oil Ooty

4. See The Mesmerising Nilgiri Tea Plantations

If you’re a tea lover like us, you cannot miss visiting the Ooty tea plantations and factories. Chai fans will fall in love with the local speciality Nilgiri tea and its unique strong flavour. The rolling green tea estates are stunning places to visit. A trip here is absolutely worth adding to your itinerary to try the many different flavours of tea in a picturesque setting.

Tea plantation tours Ooty

5. Explore Ooty’s Bollywood Connection At Iconic Shoot Sites

Ooty is a favorite place to visit for movie buffs for its Bollywood connections, and you can find yourself transported into a film at its scenic shoot locations. The first on our list is the famous pine forest of Ooty, a romantic location where many iconic Bollywood movies have been shot. And any die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan will certainly recognise the distinctive ‘toy train’, where the iconic Chhaiya Chhaiya song was shot. Recreate your own movie poses here against the stunning valley view. Of all the incredible things to do in the Nilgiris, this is by far our favourite.

Toy Train

6. Learn about Ooty’s rich heritage sites

Along with its natural beauty, Ooty also has a rich historic heritage. Parts of Ooty fall under the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, which is home to some of the earliest tribal populations in the state. On our ebike tour, you can visit the settlements of the historic Toda people, and learn about their homes and places of worship. This is sure to be the most enriching experience on your trip.

natural beauty, Ooty also has a rich historic heritage

7. Try delicious local Tamil cuisine in Ooty

No trip to Tamil Nadu would be complete without trying the local delicacies of the region. Visit the famous Nahar Restaurant for the local specialities of avial, puttu and prawns kuzhambu. And for a lighter evening ambience, the Garden Cafe has a mouth-watering multi-cuisine menu to indulge your tastes. Exploring the cuisine of Ooty is sure to add flavour to your visit in every way!

Try delicious local Tamil cuisine in Ooty

These are some of the many amazing things to do on your Ooty vacation. Whether you’re looking to click the perfect panorama selfie from one of the mountain vantage points or want to spot the friendly wildlife of the region, the top-rated BLive e-bike tour of the Blue Mountains is perfect to experience all of the must-see places in Ooty.



  1. Very Nice and informative article, as a traveler you are always interested in reading such articles and plan your trip, Coorg is also one of the best places in India.

  2. Perfect blog post, i have written down everything and will go to ooty as soon as this pandemic ends. My friends have been there but i haven’t. Can’t wait to explore this beautiful place. I have a camera and i love to capture landscapes. I am a foodie but vegetarian.

  3. Thank you for sharing such worthy content with us…
    Nilgiris is everyone’s favorite place and also try to explore Anaikatti in Coimbatore. It is situated in the foothills of western ghats with an almost similar atmosphere…

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