Things To Do In Ooty For Nature & Adventure Lovers In 2022!

Referred to as “Queen of Hill Stations'', Ooty is spread beautifully over the Western Ghats mountains. It is one of the tourist places of Tamil Nadu, and not many are aware that it is also called ‘Udhagamandalam’. It was once the British favourite and continues to be one of the most sought out tourist destinations. Be it the picturesque locations or the peaceful aura that the place gives out, Ooty has so much to offer. If you plan on visiting places in South India, do not forget to add Ooty to the list.

The summers are here, and everyone wants a breath of fresh air. Now that the pandemic shivers have slowly started to subside, you might as well start noting down the places to visit in Ooty. The hill station’s weather is pleasant, with the slow breezes and swaying trees. The nights are young, and the moon is bright!


If you are looking for places for an India tour, Ooty should be part of the list. Check out the list of the most enthralling spots that will make you fall in love with the place.

Reaching Ooty

If you are from Chennai or any other place in Tamil Nadu, it’s quite easy to navigate your way towards Ooty. But that’s going to change for the residents of other states. The best way to reach Ooty is by landing in Mysore first. Even Coimbatore and Chennai railways offer quick routes to Ooty, but they will be crowded. You can opt for a bus from Mysore to reach the Hill station, and it hardly takes 4-5 hours.

Once you reach Ooty from Mysore, it’s relatively easy to book a cottage, or if you have pre-booked, that’s even better. You can take a Taxi and Auto services or simply hire an e-bike/Bicycle to reach your hotel/homestay and then travel around the place.

First Attraction - Nilgiri Railways

If you are someone who loves looking at sceneries, you’ll fall in love with the Nilgiri Toy Train. It was built by the British during the 1900s and remained one of UNESCO’s most treasured Heritage sites. Do you remember Shah Rukh Khan doing that famous ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ on a train? It was on the Nilgiri train! Now you get the picture of the serene valley, don’t you?

The train moves from Mettupalayam to Ooty at an elevation of up to 2203 meters. A one-way ticket will cost you Rs.24 for second-class and Rs.142 for First-class.

This is one of the place’s main attractions, and you shouldn’t be missing out on it. You will get a complete aerial view of the houses in Ooty, the deep valleys that have stories to tell, the chilled air that will sweep away worries, and the whole atmosphere is so positive. The buzz of excitement on the train is too addictive.

Befriend the Mountains and Hills

Ooty is the home of some splendid sunrise/sunset points, Mountain peaks, and other viewpoints. This is one of the most hailed tourist places in Tamil Nadu because the mountains create a sense of belongingness and bliss. Doddabetta Peak is quite famous for its spectacular view. Located at the height of about 8000 ft, the point clarifies the Nilgiri hills and the surrounding plantations. It is an excellent ‘Sunrise’ point where the first rays of the day peep from behind the mountains and finally spread across the valley.

Similarly, the Dolphin Nose is a viewpoint that will take you closer to the clouds and the mighty hills. You will find several friendly monkeys and tea plantations in the area. You can even wear native clothing and take pictures with your family. One of the most talked-about attractions is ‘Catherine Falls’. You can see the falls emerging from between the mountains by using a telescope on the Dolphin Nose.


You can either take a car/ taxi to the peak and dolphin nose. For a nature-loving person, a bicycle ride would be great! If you can use your breaks well while going downhill, renting a bicycle will be a great option. You can book your bikes to travel around Ooty here.

The Flowers in the Gardens

Aren’t flowers the best decors for this world? Well, you can find all of them under one roof when you visit some exotic parks in Ooty. Sim’s Park is known for its brilliant flowers that adore the aisles, and you can click some perfect pictures around the place. The rose to the lawns, the mini ponds, and rockeries, everything is a treat to the eyes.

Sim’s Park is quite close to the cottages and rooms, so if you are staying anywhere near it, you can grab your bike and reach the place in no time. You can book your bikes for Ooty, Tamil Nadu, here.

Then you can go ahead and visit the Rose garden next. It is similar to Sim’s Park but has a huge collection of roses there. The sight will motivate you to be a ‘Rose Gardener’. It also gives the best view of the valley, and you can walk around for hours without getting bored.


If you often search for sightseeing places in India where you can do some camping and fishing, Ooty serves that purpose. The Avalanche lake is quite famous for the clear waters nestled between the Nilgiri hills. You need to trek for a short distance to reach the waters. You can then set up your camps, fetch the fishing tools, enjoy some picnic time with family, and whatnot. The waters are silent, serene, dance to the tunes of the wind, and you’ll finally get some much-needed relief.

You can take your bicycle rides to the trekking point. If you are coming from Coonor to Avalanche or anywhere from the surrounding places, it will be wonderful to grab your two wheels and explore some nature on the way. You can book your electronic bikes or general bicycles from here.

Summer Festival in Ooty

People escape to hill stations like Ooty, Darjeeling, and Coorg to escape the cities’ burning heat. If that is the case, then you can schedule your visit during the time of the ‘Ooty Summer Festival!’ This is an annual event conducted by the Ooty Government to promote Tourism in the place. The ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ will be crowded during this time of the year, so consider yourself warned.

You can witness the best boating competitions, the flower displays, and the treats that the government throws the tourists’ way. You can get the best exposure to tea plantations and tea museums and fetch some samples to devour later.

Take an E-Bike tour

If you’re a tea lover like us, you cannot miss visiting the Ooty tea plantations and factories. Chai fans will fall in love with the local speciality Nilgiri tea and its unique strong flavour. The rolling green tea estates are stunning places to visit. A trip here is absolutely worth adding to your itinerary to try the many different flavours of tea in a picturesque setting.

BLive e-bike trail curves along these mountains and makes our tour a relaxing vacation into this countryside. Our experiences are all about going off the mainstream path and exploring the unseen, offbeat route to understand a location more personally.

Your Cup of ‘Tea’

The ‘Chai’ enthusiasts will love this place! It has some of the best museums that display tea samples of various kinds, and it’s just marvellous to see the whole tea-making process happen first-hand. The tea factories let you take an inside tour, offer you samples, and even sell their goods at an affordable price. Since you are buying from the source, you can expect wholesale prices and avoid retail taxes.

Some tea factories also have brilliant views of the valley. It is an added advantage, I must say. You could grab yourself a cup of hot tea, sit and enjoy the glorious weather. If you are a chocolate fan, you’ll even find places selling homemade chocolates that are too delicious to ignore! You can pick up your bike, go on a short cycling trip to explore the local shops that sell the best tea, chocolates and collect some souvenirs to store in your travel collection.

Because of the COVID restrictions, we cannot travel freely to famous tourist destinations around the world. But what is stopping us from taking an inside tour? India is the home of several cultural heritages, pristine locations, and excellent party venues. So, irrespective of your personal preferences, our country has everything for everyone.

If COVID stops you from taking the flight, simply hit the roads and paddle your way to the most exotic locations. You can detach from the usual hustle and bustle of your corporate city life and rejuvenate at the heart of nature. Not just Ooty, several places have the most aesthetic attractions in the country.

We at BLive like to consider travel as a part of our lifestyle. We see it as the silent therapy that brings us close to our roots. It’s a very overwhelming experience to live in a new place, even for a few days. The new handshakes, the smiles you exchange on the roads, feeling the essence of a new place - everything can leave a positive mark on your mindset and body.


We offer the best electric bikes, simple bicycles that let you travel for long, especially in places where automobiles spoil the fun. You can be in any state - Karnataka, Uttarakhand, or Tamil Nadu; we extend our hand towards our travel buddies anywhere! Visit BLlive to find your perfect pick, and enjoy your time at your favourite holiday destination!


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