Things To Do In Madikeri- A City Guide

As Babs Hoffman once said, “Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.”

The past year has given us a taste of how it is to be locked in cages. It has taught us to miss the outdoors and given rise to an urge to discover the world as much as possible. Life is unpredictable, so wake up to explore and enjoy every moment. A blessed way of enjoying nature far from the madding city life is to get to drive away hill stations. Southern India has many quaint and quintessentially peaceful towns with a great history and places to visit.

One such base camp is Coorg, known as India’, or the country’s coffee capital. The hill town wakes up to the enticing fragrance of coffee and drifting through its history and luxurious scenic beauty. Located along the western ghats, Coorg has umpteen places just outside its periphery to take you further into the wilderness.

Madikeri is an unabused hill station at the heartland of Coorg, located between Mangalore and Mysore in Karnataka. The small town has no airports and rail stations and is therefore pollution-free. Minimal bus services through the town encourage auto-rickshaws, bikes, cycles, and most importantly, walking. But if you are a nature-lover or love to exercise while taking in every bit of your surroundings, a bicycle ride is a great bet! BLive offers E-Bike tours to get you around Coorg in the most economical and environment-friendly way. Check out these bike ride details to find the best deals.

Places to visit in Madikeri

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat is aptly named as it was a spot visited by kings to seep in the panoramic beauty of the valley, paddy fields, and majestic hills. The actual attraction is a statue, a pestle structure with a brick mortar, encompassed by four pillars connected with gorgeous arches. The Raja’s Seat is surrounded by a beautiful flowering garden and a musical dancing fountain. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the enigmatic sunrise and sunsets through the misty valleys.

A cute little toy train gives you a ride of the garden from the Raja’s Seat entrance and keeps the tiny tots enchanted and engaged.

Coffee Plantations

As soon as you enter Madikeri, whiffs of enticing and fresh coffee fill the air.  Amongst the hills and greenery, the town is spotted with many coffee plantations. A walk through these plantations, along with some guided tours, is a must-visit. These plantations also have some homestays and cottages if you want to dwell in the constant aroma of coffee.

Abbey Falls

One of the most popular attractions near Madikeri, Abbey Falls, is a non-perennial stream with other rivers as its water source. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoons, with its lush background of the Western Ghats and encapsulating coffee plantations. The mesmerising flora and fauna in the area, along with the spectacular fall of 70 feet, is a treat for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Enjoy a fun-filled splashy day at the waterfalls with family and friends.

Omkareshwara Temple

This temple is an ancient Hindu architecture, designed with Islamic architectural style and is interestingly shaped like a mosque. The Shiv temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines and has no visiting restrictions. Located in the heart of Madikeri, the Omkareshwara temple is an hour-long exploration.

Cauvery Nisargadhama

This place is the perfect amalgamation of wildlife and wood plantations. Spot some deer, elephants, and orchidarium in their natural habitat. The area is encompassed with bamboo groves, enormous foliage, rosewood, and brown teak. It has treetop bamboo cottages for unparalleled views and boat rides in the Cauvery river.

Madikeri Fort

This fort has been witness to the rise and fall of many glorious dynasties and rulers. Initially constructed in mud, It was later renovated in granite and has stood tall through the coming together of many religions, traditions, and cultures. The Fort has a temple, a Church, a prison, a museum, and a library and is a master-find for historians.  Surrounded by greenery and mountains, time can stand still here.

You can visit these places on E-bikes.

Things to Do in Madikeri

Take an E-Bike tour

Madikeri is a break from the routine, with quaint shops selling delicious filter coffee, harvested straight from the coffee plantations around. Bordered by stunning hills on all sides, Madikeri is a haven for every nature lover. If you’re looking for a retreat from a fast-paced, monotonous routine, make the most of your vacation with nature trails in Coorg. Kootu Hole Dam is the perfect backdrop for folk tales, history, and storytelling.

BLive e-bike trail curves along these mountains and makes our tour a relaxing vacation into this countryside. Our experiences are all about going off the mainstream path and exploring the unseen, offbeat route to understand a location more personally.

Dubare Reserve Forest & Elephant Camp

As beautiful as scenic beauty is, children can get a little bored after a while. If you don't mind some activity and are an animal lover, check out this Elephant Camp. A forest reserve, habitat to well-trained, friendly elephants, these animals are a pleasure to spend your day with. Let your kids play with these gentle giants and create picture-perfect moments to send on your postcards home.

Mandalpatti And Other Treks

Mandalpatti offers one of the most enticing treks in the region.  A picturesque canvas of vast stretches of lush green hillsides with the beautiful view of Coorg on the horizon. The Mandalpatti viewpoint still encapsulates a pure, calm, refreshing breeze, a perfect point to relax after an invigorating walk. There is also a jeep ride to Mandalpatti.

If you love to trek, some of the other routes include a walk to Kote Betta. From the commencing point at Hattihole, the trail is dotted with meandering rivers, sparkling waterfalls, spectacular meadows, and various fauna and flora. There is a shrine of Lord Shiva on the way. It is a perfect spot for camping with tents and bonfires with a clear sky full of stars.

The Tadiandamol Peak is the highest peak in Coorg and a popular trek trail. It is a mildly more challenging trek, starting at Nalknad Palace and ending at the peak of 1748m. The Big Rock is a resting point in between and reaches your commencing points on bikes.

Among other things to do in Coorg, you have the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary worth a visit. It showcases some of the rarest and endangered species of birds. Painted with gorgeous waterfalls, mountain streams, and steep terrains, Pushpagiri stands at an altitude of 160 to 1712 meters with a panoramic view.

The captivating Golden Temple has located 35 km from Madikeri and evokes the cultural heritage of Buddhism. This tourist place attracts young Tibetans and people looking for intellectual enlightenment.


The Iruppu Falls in Coorg is a popular trekking trail with cascading waterfalls that flow down the Bramhagiri hills. It is also known as the  Lakshmana Tirtha Falls, nestled within the woodlands of Coorg.  Pilgrims consider this place sacred, and mythology says that a dip in the Lakshmana Tirtha Falls’ divine waters washes off all sins. It is located in the vicinity of exotic wildlife and natural beauty.

In most quaint hill stations, one would expect a silent night with early lights out. But the nightlife in Madikeri can be quite exciting. With something for everyone, there are a variety of activities to indulge in. If you are an alcohol connoisseur or love to experience some nice bar or club ambiance, The Hive Bar at Vedanta, Taj, resonates elegance and luxury, quite surprising to a small hill-town. A carefree atmosphere, the bar hosts the finest wines and cocktails and finger-licking snacks. A perfect way to party the night away!

If you are a more outdoor person looking to explore the still of the night, The Night mountain drive is a perfect escape to witness the clear, dense, dark skies glittering with sparkling stars. The serene quiet and tranquillity drift you into a different dimension. Beginning at Kabbe, the jeep ride forms excellent memories for a lifetime with night views, the rippling sounds of waterfalls and rivers, and the mesmerizing banter of the animal species.

Camping, trekking, bonfires, and chilly nights can all be experienced at Civet Creek and The Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. The destinations offer incredible night hikes, camping with delicious food, warming bonfires, and whispering sounds of nature.

Travel guide

Coorg does not have an airport or railway station. The nearest airport is Mangalore, 135kms from Coorg. The closest railway stations are Mangalore, Hassan, and Mysore. The Mysore Junction is 95kms from Coorg. However, Coorg is well connected by road, and there are hired taxis available and state buses to get you there. By road, it is approximately 118kms from Mysore,  255kms from Bangalore, and 139kms from Mangalore. The Madikeri travel guide speaks highly of e-bikes or walking in these unabashed natural spaces. You can book your E-bikes here.

BLive believes that travel encompasses our lifestyle, but responsible travel will leave our coming generations with the same unadulterated lap of mother nature. We also believe exercise is the therapy of the body and mind, a cleansing of the soul. Travel to make new connections, to explore and discover, to grow and learn. BLive offers the best quality regular or electric bikes, which are adept for rough terrains and long travels. For a perfectly safe and travel-friendly companion, check out our bikes and deals.

As a lover once said, “Take only memories, leave only footprints.”


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