Planning A Trip to Goa? All You Need to Know About the Latest COVID-19 Related Guidelines.

If you’re thinking of travelling to the sunshine state of Goa in the upcoming months, there are some things that you need to know and remember.

As the number of positive cases around the country is slowly declining, people from major cities are looking to travel to desired destinations in the country as things open up to get a bit of a breather. COVID-19 related guidelines are frequently updated as are the guidelines issued by the government for travelers entering the state. It’s best to check the guidelines as frequently as possible, The Goa government has announced the extension of the ongoing COVID-19 curfew till August 9 due to the rise in the positive cases in the country.

Travellers are also required to get tested in their home state before flying into Goa. They are also expected to furnish a negative RT-PCR test report at the airport; anyone who doesn't have an RT PCR test report with the sample being collected in the last 72 hours will be denied entry at the departure airport. The rules remain the same if you’re entering the state via road – the test is mandatory for everyone. If you have taken both vaccination doses then you don't need to do the RT-CPR test, show the copy of your RT-PCR certificate at the time of entering.

While you’re here, it’s best to follow all the safety protocols and social distancing guidelines to stay safe and avoid crowded places.


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