Offbeat Experiences In Mysore With BLive in 2022

Mysore or Mysuru, known as the City of Palaces is a vibrant city famous for its majestic architecture and mouth-watering food. It is one of the most visited destinations in Karnataka. But that’s not all it has to offer. Life in the city flourishes in its narrow lanes and streets. It is a city filled with local traditions, art, and culture. If you are looking for an offbeat experience to explore Mysore hop on an e-bike and explore the magnificent and diverse city on a unique curated tour with BLive!

Interact with stone sculptors

Mysore boasts of ornate architecture with intricate designs and larger than life statues. Meet and interact with talented craftsmen who have designed sculptures around the city and get awestruck by their craft that has passed down from generations.

Visit a Silk factory

A trip to a silk factory in Mysore is a must! The Mysore Silk industry is around 100 years old. Watch how silk cocoons are turned into beautiful silk fibers and are sold as sarees, shirts, and silk fabric at Karnataka Silk Industry which is the owner of the Mysore Silk brand. If there’s anything you should take back home, it’s the fine silk garments.

Experience the process of Incense stick making

Mysore Agharbati, also known as incense sticks are made using only local ingredients such as sandalwood, herbs, and essential oils which are found in Karnataka. The incense sticks are made using aromatic perfumes and fill the atmosphere with an unforgettable aroma. These make a perfect souvenir to take back with you.

Indulge in lip-smacking delicacies

Indulging in Mysore cuisine is something you must do when you are in Mysore. Enjoy a variety of south Indian dishes such as Masala Dosa, spicy chutneys, Chiroti and Mysore Pak as you sit back and soak in the charm of the city! You also get to meet a chef who is known for making the best Mysore Pak in the region.

Paper Masala Dosa

Shop at Devraja market

Shopaholics this one is for you! The Devraja market is one of the oldest markets in Asia and dates back to the reign of Tipu Sultan. Its unique feature is different sections selling a variety of products. Choose from a wide range of local products such as spices, sandalwood, silk garments, and much more.


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