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India’s Top Holiday Destinations In 2022

The best part of travel is exploring new places by yourself in peace and quiet. But due to the global safety concerns arising from the ongoing pandemic, it is important to pandemic yourself and put all travel plans on hold. While your travel can wait till it’s safer, your travel planning doesn’t have to. So use this pandemic to plan for your next trip after the lockdown is lifted. We at BLive have you covered with the best destinations for your post-pandemic travel. Here is our pick of the top 8 places to travel to after the pandemic:

Explore one of Goa’s offbeat islands

places to travel to after the quarantine

Did you know that everyone's favourite travel destination Goa still holds some secret places that will let you enjoy it in a fresh new way? Now imagine adding to the excitement of Goa by discovering an unseen island escape that is away from the crowds and discover the unexplored colonial charm of its beautiful houses and churches. All of this waits for you across the Mandovi river at Diwar Island, an unexplored island haven in Goa. Here you will discover an entirely different side of Goa as you ride through the local fishing villages, fields, and mangroves. This place is packed with hidden travel gems, like a Baroque-style church, a mystical temple site that is over 1000 years old, and converted Indo-Portuguese heritage home. You get to enjoy all of these and the stunning seaside, without the crowds on the BLive e-bike tour of Diwar Island, and effortlessly escape to this unexplored side of Goa.

Where To Try It: BLive Goa Hub

Backwater Boating in Kochi

Backwater Boating in Kochi

The Kerala backwaters are one of India’s natural wonders and are a perfect destination to explore away from the crowds. You can take a scenic backwater cruise and relax on the deck of one of the famous houseboats in Kochi and see lush paddy fields, lagoons, and coconut trees. This trip will be a literal breath of fresh air after spending your days at home.

Where To Try It: Fort Cochin, Kochi Port

Follow A Delicious Food Trail Through Jaipur

Food of Jaipur

After months of only home-cooked food, it’s time to give your kitchen a break and indulge in some new flavours with incredible Rajasthani food in Jaipur. You’ll love the traditional specialities like gatte ki sabji, dal baati churma and lal maas as part of the famous Rajasthani Maharaja thalis. And you cannot miss the amazing street food like onion kachoris and mirchi vadas. And don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note with Mohanthal and badam halwa for dessert. With all that Jaipur has to offer, you can make every meal unforgettable!

Where To Try It: BLive E-Bike Tour Jaipur

Traditional - Govindam Retreat, Chokhi Dhani, Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

Street Food - Rawat Mishthan Bhandar, Fashion Street

Explore a heritage dairy temple in Ooty

After spending months indoors with the same view, you’re definitely going to enjoy a refreshing summer getaway. And what better view to find than the Nilgiri mountains in Ooty? You can explore the mountains best on BLive’s e-bike tour, and take a trip through the scenic spots to visit an ancient dairy temple belonging to the Toda tribe. Did you know that the priests of this dairy temple were considered too sacred to be touched by ordinary people? The religious rules were so strict that common people were only allowed to enter these temples once a year! This trip combines the lovely weather and scenery of the great outdoors with rich historical experience and is sure to enrich your travels.

Where To Try It: Blive Ooty Hub

Go Skydiving In Mysore

Go Skydiving In Mysore

If hopping off the couch isn’t enough for you, how about hopping off a plane? Celebrate the renewed freedom to travel when it is safer by going skydiving in Mysore. Experience the thrill of jumping from 10,000 ft in the air, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city from the sky as you leisurely float to the ground in a parachute. Now doesn’t that sound like a memorable way to start your travels again?

Where To Try It: Mysore Airport

Go On A Lion Safari in Gujarat

Go On A Lion Safari in Gujarat

The Gir National Park is home to amazing and varied wildlife. It is the only place in Asia where you can see the Asiatic lion and so we definitely recommend going to see them on the safari tour here. It is a must-visit place on your Gujarat trip and will bring you as close as possible to the animals in their natural habitat. You can see kingfishers, peacocks, Nilgai, sambar, the Indian antelope, and many more. A jeep safari will let you enjoy the wildlife as well as the amazing nature that surrounds you on the national park tour.

Where To Try It: Gir Forest

a. Follow A Nature Trail In Coorg

Follow A Nature Trail In Coorg

The best escape from the crowd is into nature, and Coorg has amazing trails on which you can embrace the solitude of nature. From mountain waterfalls to coffee plantations and even some mountain wildlife, this nature trail is the perfect antidote to the frustration of being indoors. BLive’s e-bike tours will take you to the hidden gems of Galibeedu Surprise Point and Chappanda kere, which have the best views of the valley. On your way, you can even learn to identify the local plant life! This trail will truly let you discover your green thumb.

Where To Try It: BLive Coorg

Discover A Lost Kingdom In Hampi

Hampi - BLive
For those of you who love archaeology, Hampi is home to the ruins of the last great Southern kingdom with over 1600 perfectly preserved monuments.

For those of you who love archaeology, Hampi is home to the ruins of the last great Southern kingdom with over 1600 perfectly preserved monuments. You can discover them all effortlessly on your BLive ebike - from the ancient monuments to the riverside roads. The tour starts at the Gateway of Hampi which is carved from a single stone, and lets you see the ancient temples to rare incarnations of Ganesha and Hanuman. On your way back, you can also see the monolithic statue of the Lakshmi Narsimha that is still brilliantly preserved. On the tour, you will learn the traditional art of stone carving from local artisans and carve your own souvenir, to take back a piece of the city with you. Once you’re done exploring, you can take a relaxing ferry ride across the Tungabhadra river and head to Hippie Island to try one of the many local cafes. This is sure to be an adventure back in time!

Where To Try It: BLive Hampi

These are just some of the attractions available at these unforgettable vacation retreats. The best way to explore all that these destinations have to offer is on one of BLive’s e-bike tours.

BLive offers incredible travel experiences on e-bikes for all of the above cities. You can discover local specialities and offbeat experiences effortlessly on our curated e-bike tours in Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Ooty, Kochi, and Puducherry.


Our e-bikes let you enjoy your favorite destinations up close, while also having zero carbon footprint. So be sure to stay safe at home during this quarantine, and we’ll be here for you with the best things to do once it’s over.



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