Halloween Ebike Tours in Goa

The Graveyard Shift 2.0 | Halloween E-Bike Tour

The Graveyard Shift 2.0 | Halloween E-Bike Tour

Bigger, scarier, and spookier than ever, The Graveyard Shift is back! Revel with the undead and hear spine-chilling, bone-tingling, stomach-churning tales! Jump scares, sightings and stories aplenty, make sure you don't come alone.

Halloween Tour in North Goa

The terrifying trail starts off at Saligao Church, down to the graveyard and crematorium where we dare you to walk alone among the undead!

Get entranced by the mysterious Saligao Club and hear stories that will leave you bewildered and afraid. Take a ride down to Rakhandar place to soak in the lore of the land, one ghost story at a time.

Finally, no Halloween is complete without a haunted house visit! For the final destination, you'll arrive at an old Indo-Portuguese where you might just have a paranormal encounter with its previous ancestors, along with some refreshments!

Halloween Tour in South Goa

We start off our tour from the desserted sands of Arrosim Beach, then hear of terrifying tales in the cemetery as we try not to disturb the undead.

Make sure you don't get petrified as we roam the haunting halls of Cansaulim 3 Kings Chapel! Then head to a secret spot tucked away at Rakhandar where no one can hear you, and take in the eerie sights and stories surrounding the place.

In the dead of night, after experiencing the paranormal, we revive ourselves with an assortment of food and make it out alive.


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