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Goa, the number one name on every wanderlust’s travel diary. From beach hopping, lazing at the beach shacks to partying at the famous Tito’s and diving into the taste of Feni- these are usually what people cover once they step into the paradise of South Asia. But Goa has a lot more to cater the hunger of a real traveler! To experience Goa like never before, you need to dig a little deeper and look beyond a tourist’s lens.

We all know how Goa is ‘The Place’ to go partying, but instead of going all out partying and getting sloshed, there are numerous things to do. From kayaking to island hopping, and from exploring the mystical caves to feeling your adrenaline rush, there are many thrilling things to do in Goa.

Butterfly Conservatory – A Must Visit!

Ever imagined a place full of colourful butterflies flying around you, sounds like a fantasy? Well, it is very much a reality in Goa. Goa has this amazing Butterfly Conservatory which will be the most happy and beautiful sight to watch.

You will definitely get the vibe of being straight out of a Disney animation, where you not only stand and admire the beauty but also can feed those little friends with juicy fruits and watch them happily gather nectar. Sounds magical, isn’t it?

Goan Backwaters – Go ‘Crabbing’

Fishing, yes we all have some idea about it; but have you ever thought of catching those snappy little creatures? Well, they say crab catching is no child’s play. You need to get into the zone to be lucky enough to get hold of them. But if you have made up you mind that you need to get your hands on experience in the crazy things to do in Goa, then this is a must do! With homemade nets called ‘Kobblem’ you set up traps for the crabs and catch them in the Goan backwaters or the seaside.

You can always go on crab catching tours that often takes place in Goa or you could tag along with any localite for this exciting crabbing adventure.

Go Island Hopping – Because Yeh Dil Mange More

Confused about places to visit in Goa other than beaches? Well, the solution is island hopping! Away from the urban hustle and bustle, Goa is a home to numerous secluded islands which are by far the most beautiful part of the state. To indulge into the local raw ambiance and to go on to a food trail, you will have to take a ferry ride to reach these mesmerizing Portuguese- style landscape, with vintage houses, lush vegetation and a quiet environment. These islands include the Ilha Grande, Divar Island, Vanxim Island.

Dolphin Sighting- Say hello to these incredible mammals

Dolphin sighting is one of the most exciting, offbeat things to do in Goa. A very few people are aware of this amazing activity and tourists tend to ignore it. But you better not miss this experience of a lifetime. The cruises normally start from Fort Aquada, Sinquerim or Panaji Jetty.

Sometimes they might also allow you to take a dip in the sea and play with these lovely creatures but with adequate safety arrangements. Now that is something crazy and thrilling thing to do in Goa. Other than that, you can always go for Banana ride, Para Gliding, Jet Skiing.

Devil’s Canyon – Experience the legend of demon

Legend says a demon used to reign this place having control over each and every living creature, hence named Devil’s Canyon. Sounds creepy, doesn’t it? However, they say when a local conned the demon and stole his fishes, the place got cursed by the demon. Till date, when you walk down the place you can feel it’s eerie vibes and a weird silence embracing it.

The turbulent river striking against various rock faces in a deep gorge is infamous for taking lives of many swimmers. If you are into exploring such interesting places and have a thing for spooky adventures, then this is your go to place.

Kayaking – Into the sea

One of the craziest things to do in Goa is Kayaking. It is believed to be offbeat, thrilling and exciting that one can experience all at a time. There is nothing more thrilling than rowing across the enchanting creeks crossing the villages of northern Goa.

Experience the nature at its best by rowing along the shore, into the sea and have the most peaceful time making some beautiful memories. Do not forget to add it on your Things to do in Goa list.

Chandor – Experience the romantic Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air balloon rides in Goa? Yes, you heard it right. This offbeat yet very romantic experience has to be a part of every traveler’s plan. A village in South Goa called Chandor is where one can experience this. Planning on a special proposal? Well, now you know how to make it larger than life.

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