The Perfect Way To Explore Mysore In One Day

Mysore is a perfect city to indulge your inner explorer. There are endless sights and experiences to enjoy at almost every turn in this historic and beautiful city. The city has a rich culture and amazing monuments to keep you exploring endlessly, and its local delicacies will make that experience as sweet as possible. You will find plenty of treasures at the local markets like speciality silk works, sandalwood & rosewood products, art, and sculptures, that you can take back as exotic souvenirs along with everyone’s favourite Mysore Pak! If you don’t have a long time to explore this destination, we’ve prepared the perfect one-day itinerary to help you skip extensive tours and show you only the best of Mysore.

Morning 9 AM - Breakfast at Cafe Aramane

Cafe Aramane is one of the most famous eateries in Mysore. The cafe is set in a heritage building with a traditional Mysore look and feel. It is decorated with local art pieces and Mysore Dusshera paintings, letting you learn a bit about local culture as well while you eat here.

Taste of Mysore

Breakfast at Cafe Aramane
Taste of Mysore

The cafe is known for its breakfast platter and has the best speciality South Indian food. It serves the widest variety of dosas in the city, along with delicious idlis, uttapams, and iconic filter coffee. The menu even changes daily! Breakfast here is the perfect start to a day exploring the soul of Mysore.

11 AM - Shop for silk, spices, and offerings at the Devaraja Market

This market dates back to the reign of Tipu Sultan in the 18th century and stretches out for over 3 acres. You will love the smells of the fresh spices and flowers here and can often get them at bargain prices. The market also has a wing entirely dedicated to puja flowers and incense!

Mysore Incense

incense stick creations in mysore
Incense Stick Creations in Mysore

You can shop for the famous Mysore silk sarees in the lanes here and find plenty of variety. And at the nearby Sayyaji Rao Road, you can also buy authentic Mysore sandalwood products.


Travel tip - After you’ve explored the market, you can also indulge your taste buds at the nearby Hotel Vishnu Bhavan, one of Mysore’s oldest restaurants, for a delicious vegetarian lunch. Definitely a must-visit.


2 PM - Visit a silk factory making the famous Mysore silk sarees.

The Mysore silk sarees are a traditional sign of grandeur, and you can take a fascinating behind-the-scenes BLive tour with us to see how they are made.

Silk Weaver Mysore

Silk Weaver Mysore_Tour_Blive
Silk Weaver Mysore

The silk factories here were started in 1930 and create hundreds of sarees a day with rich silk weaves, intricate designs and motifs, and some even use threads woven with gold! This visit will give you an up-close look at the art of weaving the country’s most famous sarees, and even help you pick one for yourself.

4 PM - Take a tour of the magnificent Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is the best of Mysore’s royal residences and definitely must be on your list. It has stunning architecture and richly decorated interiors that will leave you in awe. The central open balcony is incredibly designed, with carved circular columns.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace
Mysore Place- Mysore’s_royal_residences

Inside, the Royal Portrait Gallery has amazing artworks from the Southern Kingdoms and is a visual treat. The palace is a delight to see in the evening and is lit up with over 98,000 lamps and bulbs and is an iconic sight in the city.


Travel tip - You may be asked to walk barefoot inside some sections of the palace, to protect the intricate artwork on the floor sections. So remember to take in the sights below your feet as well!


6 PM- Meet the Mysore’s most revered stone sculptor, Basavanna Shilpi


You haven’t seen Mysore if you haven’t immersed yourself in its rich culture and heritage arts. The most unique of these can be found on the BLive tour of Mysore. This effortless ebike ride includes an exclusive meeting with Basavanna Shilpi, Mysore’s oldest and most revered stone sculptor. He held the title of Royal Guru under the royal family at the Mysore Palace. He also sculpted the impressive Gayatridevi and Bhuvaneswari temples on the palace grounds, and you will get to see some of his incredible work on your visit.

Craftsman Work Mysore

Craftsman Work Mysore

Next on your tour, you will also discover the secrets of making Mysore’s famous incense from the expert makers, who were patronised by the Mysore royal family. You can even make your own incense stick as a souvenir! The tour ends lets you see some stunning heritage sights with amazing architecture while being guided by a tour captain. Now isn’t that a perfect package of all things worth seeing in the city?


8 PM - Dinner at Tiger Trail Restaurant

Tiger Trail Restaurant Mysore

Tiger Trail Restaurant Mysore
Tiger Trail Restaurant Mysore

End your day with a perfectly indulgent dinner at the Tiger Trail Restaurant. You can choose between the ambience of the hotel’s spectacular dining room with chandeliers and Murano-glass mirrors, or the courtyard which twinkles with fairy lights at night. The restaurant has amazing options in both North Indian and South Indian dishes, as well as an impressive bar. We recommend the Peshwari kebabs and Malabar curry for dinner. Be experimental with the many other attractive options too.

Exploring Mysore like a local will let you see the best that the city has to offer in just a single day trip. BLive helps you enjoy not just Mysore but across the country, including Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Ooty, Kochi, Puducherry, and Rajasthan. BLive’s guided e-bike tours let you effortlessly explore the best sights and experiences in just a few hours, as well as discover amazing hidden travel gems on your journey. So whether you’re looking for a leisurely vacation or an exciting day-trip, BLive is the perfect tour for you!


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