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I love Goa! But who doesn't? The energies of Goa are very surprisingly different from any other place. It is fun, peculiar and it is also quiet and very peaceful in its way, tranquil and warm. I never become tired of this place.  Whether it is an ocean visit or unwinding at the shacks or exploring the old landmarks, the delightful churches and towns or experiencing adventure activities in Goa, I love this spot for each special experience that it offers.

Since I am a person who is an adventurer and less of a party person, I favour trying new adventures in life. I travel to get to know the spot, its history, culture and stories from top to its bottom. While individuals visit Goa trips for seashores, bars and gatherings, Goa brings many adventure activities to the table too. Indeed! Adventure activities in Goa! Also, trust me, you get to have the best insight here.

Here, I am sharing the best adventure activities in Goa you should attempt the time you visit. Here are a few of the adventurous activities one should try.

Explore Goa on an E-bike BLive Tour

Seriously Safe, For Serious Fun with BLive

Are you wondering what's so courageous and adventurous in an e-bike tour? Well as all of you know, I love Goa for its seashores and shacks, yet in addition for its wonderful chapels, historical landmarks and culture. This place has so much to explore, and what can be preferred more than these eco-friendly e-bikes. It is an ideal way for exploring the corners of Goa and becoming companions with the paths and landmarks.
The adventure of riding an e-bicycle on the streets of Goa with seeing every one of the delightful scenes while finding out about the spot is something that you can't miss. Experience isn't just about getting an adrenaline rush yet it is additionally about exploring new things in a new spot. I highly recommend going on e-bike rides in Goa.

Bungee Jumping in Goa:

Indeed, Goa currently has a Bungee Jumping site. Jumpin Heights, situated in Mayem Lake in North Goa which is just around 30 minutes from Baga Beach, is an astonishing way of getting an adrenaline rush as you get to bounce from a stature of 55 meters. It is claimed and overseen by ex-Army officials to guarantee faultless security procedures. The age limit is 12 yrs. to 45 yrs. and the individual ought to weigh between 40 kgs to 110 kgs. However, individuals with ailments like spinal pains, heart issues, BP, breaks, and so on are not permitted. Just imagine the beauty you will see around while doing bungee jumping.

Surfing in Goa:

One thing that I always wanted to learn is surfing also known as surfboarding and Goa is by all accounts an ideal spot for doing the same. Surfing in Goa is great for amateurs and novices. You can take surfing classes as there are many surfing schools for training in surfing and afterwards once you are prepared, the waves are on the whole yours. The best seashores for surfing in Goa are Arambol, Morjim, Ashwem and Agonda.
Surfing in Goa is on from October till May and closes down for the rest of the year.  Go and visit Goa during this time to enjoy surfing there.

Parasailing in Goa:

I recall my first-time parasailing. It was really fun and such a joyful experience. However, that was ashore. Here in Goa, we get to experience parasailing over the sea. The best thing about this is, you can experience boat parasailing on practically all the popular seashores like Calangute Beach, Candolim Beach, Baga Beach and some more.

Water Sports in Goa:

Aside from surfing, there are more than 25 water sports in Goa for all the experience devotees and water sports darlings. You can also try kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, jet-skiing, speed boarding, water zorbing, flyboarding, banana boat rides, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, stand-up paddle, windsurfing, and a lot more. Goa is for sure a water sports heaven!

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Goa:

Hot Air Balloon ride has generally been on top of my list of must-dos. Since it has been introduced in Goa, I just cannot wait to try it.  It is situated at the Assolda Football Ground in Chandor, this ride is an astonishing way for seeing the wonderful 360-degree views from the pinnacle rise of 2000 feet. Also explore Tiger Balloon Safaris over there. Goa is the best place to visit. I recommend everyone to once visit this place.


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